Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anniversary weekend

I know its been awhile but here is the latest
I am preggers again...due in October.and Its another girl......yippee!
We have settled right into Webster and love it very much.
We have made some improvements to the house....painted the shutters and door trim
added a flower bed around the big tree in front...and cleared out the debris of dead trees in back and made another big flower bed, lots of work that is. Once we get the mulch it will look soo good.
This weekend is our anniversary weekend. Teagan is at Grammy and Grampy's having a ball in Syracuse. She is spending some QT with her Auntie B too. I heard they were all exhausted after one day. I am missing her like crazy though. We are getting a ton of stuff done around the house though, and even having date nights.
Now we have to start prepping and painting the new babies room. I am thinking two different shades of purple.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New House

Wow It has been a long time
Well we are now to come.
We closed last Friday and have been painting and updating the electrical outlets and getting the furnace ducts cleaned out. All very expensive things. We move in Dec 13th weekend. With the help of our lovely parents, and Becky...she better be coming to help.
So much has happened lately in Teagan land too. She is now crawling, all over the place, and knocking over coffee cups on herself, thank god the coffee was cold. And she will get up on her knees and almost pull herself up. She is holding her own sippy cup also. She also has severe stranger anxiety, and now does not like to be left alone even for a second. I highly recommend not moving with a 9 month old. I had 6 days off from work to get things done, and all I did was console Teagan. The minute I would leave the room she would cry and follow me and want to be picked up, which is sooooo not like her. and she screams in terror at the vacuum and rug shampooer and packing tap dispenser, and even quivers her body in fear of them. When you pick her up she is fine. She is so sensitive right now.
Unfortunalty we will be home alone for Thanksgiving. I have to work nights. So Teagan and Junior are going to make Thanksgiving dinner. It might not be turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing, but it should be good.
Then we get to go get new furniture Friday, my birthday present and x-mas present. I am excited I hope there are deals.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New House

We just got approved for our mortgage, so now I feel like we really did buy a house
nbbb b [po .l- that was Teagan typing
We will close in November. And then we will have our very own house. I must say the home buying process was not bad. My realtor said it would be stressful, but it wasn't terrible.
Now for a Teagan update.
She is so close to crawling she will get up on her knees and rock back and forth. I predict right around 8 months. She has two teeth now, her bottom two, and her top two are very close to coming in, they are right under the gums. She hasn't said any words yet, but she is talking up a storm. She loves her friends at daycare especially a little blonde girl names Ainsley, who is a month older than she is. She rolls all over the house. She still won't hold her own bottle. She has stranger anxiety. She is eating all her foods, and wants what ever mommy and daddy are eating.
Here is an updated pic.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Updated pics

Here are some new pics of the Teags
She is 7 months old now and 18.1 lbs and 27 3/4 inches.

Notice the cookie smears on her face.

Her new toy.

here is little Teagan (Emily) Hunt

Monday, September 01, 2008


we bought a house!
now we just need to close on 11/21, and get a mortgage, so technically i guess we didn't buy it yet. Here is the link for the house

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

updated pics

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We made it!

Well we are finally living in Webster NY. We moved all of our stuff July 4th weekend, not fun. I was just Jr and I with a whole 3 bedroom house full of stuff. I was very sore and very bruised after that weekend. Then this past weekend we stayed with Rick and Yvonne, and worked. I will miss the people I work with, I got to know and like lots of them. I start work here the 21st. And good news Jr has a job offer. He interviewed Saturday with a guy who owns his own painting business, and got offered a job, he might take it. Then today Cathy, Becky and dad visited for the day. We did some shopping and the boys went golfing. And we had lots of quality time with Teagan. Sadly the hounds left with their grandparents, its too expensive to have them here at our new apartment. I will miss them lots.
I need to post some new pics of Teagan, and out apartment.
This weekend we are going to see the new baby, how exciting. Teagan is dying to meet her cousin.