Thursday, June 30, 2005

new orleans!!!!!!!!!!!

so me and Jr booked or trip to new orleans
ohhh i can't wait, we are gonna have so much fun
it was about 100 degrees today, and i had to work until 5, for shitty pay
ughghgh god
jr is coming to work with me tomorrow, cause he knows the lady i work for, he works with her
and she keeps telling me to bring him
then we have to go shopping
and then we are goin to the beef and barrell
he is taking em out to dinner
have i ever told you how dreamy my bf is becky?
but seriously, he is amazing
and im so glad that we didn't let people's opinions get to us
ok well im gonna go drink a beer after my long hard hot day at work

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

hot hot hawwwwwwwwt

so today was about 92 degrees
and i got to get up early yet another day and go to skool
god i can't wait until its over, only a little bit left
i keep looking online for good vacation deals, cause me and JR want to go to New Orleans for my spring break
does anyone know any really good sites, for cheap flight and hotel, i found isn't too bad
lucy and franklin are dying in the heat, i took lucy into the pool yesterday, she loved it
me and JR are gonna get some ice cream tonight (fat-free for me of course) and rent movies
i can't wait till mom and dad come up and we can go camping
oh mom, we can prolly come up wed, cause i don't have skool on thur, so im gonna take it off work
and JR wants to fish with dad, so let him know

Monday, June 27, 2005

the weekend

so this weekend was pretty busy
friday we went down to emily and ryans and my family and LUANNE was there, it was good to see evryone
franklin and lucy have missed them so
i had to work on sat, but the lady i was helping is so nice and let me out early so i could start partying
it was unbelievably hot, and sticky
i didn't end up drinking much, and i think i peed 3 times all day, my kidneys hate me
but me and becky and luanne went swimming during the party that was nice, but buggy
i ended up staying at em's till 3am, because jr was drunk and kept saying "5 more minutes"
I was the only sober one amoung rowdy drunk ryan, JD, pudge, JR, Darrin, and Shane
i finally got to the AC that night
overall it was very fun, i felt a little sickly on sunday and had to staudy for a test, which i got a 94 on i think, but i will be able to do test corrections, so them i will really have a 102. I rock

Becky how do i think people to my site, i can't figure it out?


Friday, June 24, 2005


right now im at work
and got all my work done
tonight i get to go see my family, and tomorrow is a big bbq
i saw a deer this morning and a fox with a rabbit in its mouth yesterday
things have been good, i want to go swimming today, and i need to clean out the pool, since Jr is laid up
ok im gonna go watch discovery health channel

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

new blog

starting a new blog
right now i'm in portville, goin to skool, and working for awful wages
but i get to see jr everyday so thats nice
nothing eventful happened today
except i did see a truck with some plastic balls on the bottom back of the truck, it was pretty comical