Sunday, July 24, 2005


things have been ehhh, so so
this weekend i worked all weekend
me and jr did sit ups and push ups, and squats etc..
god am i sore, i need to get off my fat-ass and work out so more
i miss my workout partner, you know who ya are
lots of stuff goin on in my head now

Saturday, July 23, 2005


i saw something interesting today
i was driving to work, and happened to notice a dead cat, probably hit by a car on the side of the road, i thought to myself, "god i hate seeing dead cats, groundhogs i don't mind so much, but cats"
so after work im coming back on the same road, and i see a blob over the cat, as i get closer i realize it is a small dog, a little bigger than lucy, a black one, probably a mut. The disturbing part was that the dog was licking the cat, while proceeding to hump it
maybe he thought he could screw it back to life
its amazing what wildlife you see here

Thursday, July 21, 2005


well kevin was getting way to big for his little pot so me being such a good gardener replanted him
aren't you proud mom
he has stayed alive all this time
well our little jack russel baby boy doesn't have papers, so we are most likely gonna wait, cause we want one with papers so that we can stud him out, and make money
but they are so cute
yvonne knows the people who are raising them too
well she knows of them
i have to work for the next 10 or 12 days
ok got to shower

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

new baby boy

so me and jr are buying a boy jack russell
he was born a week ago
and he is gonna live with me in syracuse till we get a place together
ok cath, be prepared

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

no work or play

so im feeling better, not 100%
but im not scared to fart and have watery green stuff come out
thats always a plus
i have been sleeping really good too
and today i went to old navy and got some new clothes (emily and cath)
not a lot, but summery ones
i got these two cute skirts
one is really short, so its for wearing around the house, or at the beach
and the other is longer, and green, still cute
then i got two tank tops
and a cute pair of jeans
and i got jr a white shirt that is that airy material, incase he sweats
he liked it
ok dinner is ready
god i love home cooked meals
now that i can eat

Monday, July 18, 2005


So I went camping at Allegheny state park, the park was very nice
here is a list of good things and bad things
nice weather
nice beach
Lucy and Franklin got to camp with mommy
good food at the buffet
the shitter made me gag every morning
drunkin 17 yr olds next to us partying it up all night
killer headache/alien invasion of my head

which all lead to the worst 2 days of my life
we came home from camping and then took a nap, upon awaking I had awful diarrhea pains, and then came the diarrhea, I didn't even think id make it to the wedding at 5pm
so after convincing Jr and I went to the wedding, I felt like shit the whole ride
we were late of course
and then Jr headed off to the wedding while I stopped at st Bonaventure bathroom in some sports building
I didn't quite make it to the bathroom and lets just say I threw out my underwear there, thankgod I wasn't wearing pants
I then tried to go back to my car, and started to feel nauseous, so I headed back up to the bathroom, and once again couldn't make it to the toilet, but this time I puked all over
there were things coming out of all orifices
I was mortified, but I felt so crappy that I didn't care
so I didn't go to the wedding, which I was disappointed about
instead I stayed home and puked and shat all night long
it sucked bigtime
and then I don't think I did very well on my test today, cause I was too sick to study
I just hope I pass.

Monday, July 11, 2005


im at skool and killing time before i have to go to work
there is this girl next to me, who is asking me what i think about the final test
she is so worried she won't get an A
i try not to tell her that i will be getting an A
since i did better than her on the tests
gawwd, why do people always want to know my grades and shit
anyways, the weekend was fun, we went to angies graduation party on sat
got a little drunk, surrounded by highskool kids, and then drunks
they had 5 kegs, and finished them all by 1am
i was drinking soda for a good part of the party
then sunday, we went to Jr's grampa's beause Ricks brother and family are in town
we swam and had a bbq, it was fun
all of Jr's family is so nice, they are super nice to everyone, and nice to new people
they all get along, its strange to me sometimes
lucy and franklin got a bath last night
im trying something new with them, giving them baths with dish soap
its supposed to get the oils out but still moisturize
we will see if they like it
and lucy this morning pooed on the rug again
rick is getting mad at her
i saw her walk to her puppy pad, so i went up stairs
then Jr was hollaring that she pooped on the rug, so she peed on the puppy pad, then walks over to the rug and poops
i don't know whats wrong with her
ok gotta go to work
later cats

Saturday, July 09, 2005

work work work

so im working today
but i have tomorrow off, which is good, cause i worked all week
me and jr are goin to a graduation party today
should be interesting
im sure jr will want to play horseshoes or something
i also want to go to these little craft stands at portville youth fundraiser
becky is coming into syr today
god she drives a lot
how many miles are on your car
eww i think a flea just bit me
things are good otherwise
lucy and franklin ran away again yesterday
i had to spank them
and some lady drove by and saw franklin, then told me he was down the road
lucy must have been hiding in the weeds
why do they run away
i think grammy secretly calls them at night and tells them to run away
i need some new clothes who wants to donate me some money
im poor
later cats

Thursday, July 07, 2005

dinner is ready

can;t write much but
this weekend was fun, i worked fri sat and mon
and we went to some bbq's
and watched the fireworks they were good
i just took franklin to get his rabies shot
and he had this thing on his head, and i picked the scab, and then tried to pop it like a zit
and nothing came out, but it was gooey on the inside
it looks like a mini crater
so the vet gave me antibiotic sauve for free
how nice was that
ok yvonnes saying that dinner is ready
later cats