Saturday, July 09, 2005

work work work

so im working today
but i have tomorrow off, which is good, cause i worked all week
me and jr are goin to a graduation party today
should be interesting
im sure jr will want to play horseshoes or something
i also want to go to these little craft stands at portville youth fundraiser
becky is coming into syr today
god she drives a lot
how many miles are on your car
eww i think a flea just bit me
things are good otherwise
lucy and franklin ran away again yesterday
i had to spank them
and some lady drove by and saw franklin, then told me he was down the road
lucy must have been hiding in the weeds
why do they run away
i think grammy secretly calls them at night and tells them to run away
i need some new clothes who wants to donate me some money
im poor
later cats


Blogger rb said...

i think my car has like 67K on it..

oh, you shoudl talk about DSS coming to check out emilys dogs, at least she knows where they are at all times and doesn't let them run away!!!!

8:24 AM  

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