Thursday, August 25, 2005

back to school back to school

so im back in school
and already have a test on monday and a paper to do
its ok though i like being busy
especially since i am missing Jr sooo much
Its ahrd, i never thought it would be so hard
but he is coming to visit next weekend
ughg i can't wait
i am taking pysch nursing this rotation
its interesting, but not my strong point
we will see how i do
ill be writing you midge for some advice
my parents have been away all week, and its sad being alone
i have been going on walks though, which is good, cause i gained 4 lbs this summer
which i am so not happy about
i am disgusted with myself
and am on a strict diet
i want to lose 20 lbs by x-mas
and i mean it
lucy and franklin are glad to be home though
they enjoy chasing marcy around, and barking every leaf that goes by
i was thinking about moving the couch in the front room, so they can't stare out the windows, but there is really no place to put it
ok i gotta go to work
my first day back

Thursday, August 18, 2005

leaving soon

so i am going to pack today
i'm sad. I had my last day of work yesterday, which made me even more sad
i'm gonna miss everyone I have met, but I will be back, and we will still be friends
and I'm gonna miss Junior tons, but we are gonna see each other often, since now he has a little car to drive the shit out of.
Cath i'm goin to get the wine today
and I invited lishi, for fri night we will see if she comes
she said she is working that weekend, and wil try and get some girl to cover.
lucy and franklin are missing mindy already

Saturday, August 13, 2005

jess is here

so jessica and aiden are visiting us
we had fun last night, we had pizza and swam
aiden is soo cute and funny
it was so hot though
and muggy
only three more days of work, and then i go back to syr
and start working more
im getting sad to leave
but real excited for school to start
lots of school and working, and not lots of sleeping
oh well, its worth it
and mom we need to get back into our routine

Monday, August 08, 2005

good news and bad news

ok so i got some news
bad news first
im not prego
good news is i found my ezpass
mine and jr's searching skills while frantically driving up to the toll booth aren't so great
and i spoke to a woman in human resource at olean general hosp after i passed my BLS recertification
and she said they have a new program for graduate nursing who want to work in the ER
i said i was very interested
and she gave me an application, and said to mail it in around dec
and she will show the board i want to work in the ER
so hopefully my job will be set when I move
she is also gonna send me some packet regaurding the nurses union that OGH has.
How sweet would it be to get to work in the ER right off the bat
im excited
ok its hot and im goin swimming

Sunday, August 07, 2005

kevin is pregnant

so kevin is having babies
one has come out
and i see at least two more buds
how exciting
i don't think he will have as many as green-thumb cath
but he is doing good
i think its all the tlc Jr gives him when im away
and on another good note, franklin's diarrhea has stopped
i don't know how well he is eating, since him and lucy sneak food
but he is ok i think

fun weekend

so this weekend was fun
fri night i drank way to much wine
rick came home and yvonne made lasagna, it was good, one of my favorite foods
and ryan and emily brought up wine, i drank tooooooooo much of it
then we went down to ryan and em's and i ended up passing out on their spare bedroom
good sleep
then saturday we had to go to jr's mom's side of the family - reunion
more good food, this time i ate too much
then we had a wedding to go to, ryan and em followed us there, then they went to the big 30 football game
we stayed, and slow danced alot
i couldn't get jr to "fast dance" he said he wants private lessons
the band was good, and the brides dress was very pretty
then sunday we went over to darrins to watch the race, and hangout
his new girl was there, she is really nice
and the baby, who is such a cutie, and sleeps often
my kind of girl
when she is bigger she will be more fun to hangout with
it has been super hot all weekend though
i need to do pushups tonight
lots of them

Monday, August 01, 2005

getting closer

so we got an offer on the house we are looking at
if i didn't write about it, me and jr are trying to buy a home
its frustrating, but we are making progress
the land is 10 acres, with 30 apple trees in back, and its a mobile home, that is newish
and really fancy
and there is a pool in back, and a huge amount of land
but we are meeting with the realtor tomorrow, and making an offer
we also went to our hahn family reunion this past weekend
it was very fun, we ate tons of good food, and chatted with everyone
junior had a great time
besides franklin getting sick it was a good weekend
he was throwing up and had bloody diarrhea, poor baby
i think paul gave him a chicken bone that hurt his poor bum
we are making plans for the wine tour, i told mom, me and jr are in
it should be a good ole time
and luanne, i hope your goin