Sunday, August 07, 2005

fun weekend

so this weekend was fun
fri night i drank way to much wine
rick came home and yvonne made lasagna, it was good, one of my favorite foods
and ryan and emily brought up wine, i drank tooooooooo much of it
then we went down to ryan and em's and i ended up passing out on their spare bedroom
good sleep
then saturday we had to go to jr's mom's side of the family - reunion
more good food, this time i ate too much
then we had a wedding to go to, ryan and em followed us there, then they went to the big 30 football game
we stayed, and slow danced alot
i couldn't get jr to "fast dance" he said he wants private lessons
the band was good, and the brides dress was very pretty
then sunday we went over to darrins to watch the race, and hangout
his new girl was there, she is really nice
and the baby, who is such a cutie, and sleeps often
my kind of girl
when she is bigger she will be more fun to hangout with
it has been super hot all weekend though
i need to do pushups tonight
lots of them


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