Monday, September 26, 2005

life is too short

im writing this because i notice some people are very judgemental
and it is annoying and unneccessary
first off life is too short to criticize everyone
secondly everyone has their faults, NO ONE is perfect
thirdly, it makes you look like a snob, and who wants to hang around someone like that

the weekend went well
the wine tour was fun, i got so sick of wine towards the end
and a bit sleepy
but the garlic wings at cross roads were excellent
and it was fun hangingout with peg and mike
they are a blast
i felt sick all sunday, which sucked cause i had to study for a test
which i think i did pretty good on
we will see
gotta go bakc to class

Friday, September 23, 2005

fri is finally here

its FRIDAY yipee
so much to do, and so little time
so i worked this morning, 7-1130, then i have a class from 1230-330
hopefully i get out early, it shouldn't take 3 hours
then i have to go clean out the bakery of pizza dough
then i get my hair cut, then take the dogs to the dr.
then clean.
ok see ya all soon

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Its not even tues and I'm already posting
what is this
so my back has been in spasm so bad
I think its from that damn corset
it hurts to be beautiful
I almost stole the flexeril ( a muscle relaxent) from a pt today
I don't know why Cathy doesn't have any
all she has is pain killers that I'm allergic too, damn
the wedding this past weekend was really fun
I caught the bouquet (I don't think that's spelled right)
but anyways, this other kid caught the garter, so luckily he gave it to junior
so ya know what that means guys
you better start planning my wedding for me, cause I don't feel like doin it
I already told jess she will probably have to do it all
but it won't be for two years so don't panic
school is good
almost switching rotations and goin to L & D, for the lay people that means labor and delivery
how exciting
I'm gonna get baby fever again
I can't wait for the wine tour
I'm gonna make sure I bring some gum, cause there is nothing like wine with green gum, it adds flavor
ok time for class

Thursday, September 15, 2005


i took a test this morning
and though i did ok, then the grades were posted, and i got a 96, whooooooooohoooooooooo
i think me and cath are gonna have to celebrate with some wine tonight
and survivor of course
i have been so busy with school and work
i haven't got to spend any quality time with my babies or my parents
i literally, come home, get the scoop from mom on the porch for 20 min
then go to bed, every night
and thats from being gone since 630 in the morning
ughgh this weekend with be nice, i am goin to portville
jr and I have a wedding to go to
i was gonna buy a new dress
but realized #1 i am poor, and #2 i already have a dress to wear, its the dress i wore to my x-mas party that becky came to me with, and then left me cause her feet hurt, and i had no money or wallet
but the dress is still in good shape
and im gonna wear my corsette, and probably not be able to sit down all night, well definitely not comfortably
it should be fun though
i'm missing jr like crazy

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

fine becky

i have been very busy with skool so sometimes i can't update my blog everyday like others
this past weekend jr visited, it was so nice spending time with him
we didn't do too much, cause we are both poor
but we did go ring shopping, how exciting
it won't be for awhile, so don't panic people
and we made margharitas one night
mom didn't get sick and throw up this time
other than that i have been at skool or work
and i can't tell any stories online, otherwise i would be violating hippa, and could get kicked out of school
oh also marcie has a huge sore on her side, because cathy got crazy with her sizzors and cut the poor thing
marcia is gonna call child protective services im sure
ughgh bad cramps, go away