Monday, October 31, 2005


Its already Halloween
October went by fast
I took my second L & D test, and only got an 86, I'm disappointed
this weekend I went to visit Jr, it was fun, but very tiring
driving for two days and seeing him for one sucks
I think he is possibly quitting his second job today
its too much, and not worth making our long distance relationship any harder
so then he will get to come here in two weeks
I mowed the lawn today and I need to go to the gym and do some swimming tonight
I have been feeling so fat and lazy, don't ya hate that?
I am trying to figure out my schedule for the next month really, well till the end of the semester, after thanksgiving I will be done with school on the 8th
oh grey's anatomy was SO good this week
I'm so pissed that stupid Shepard didn't sign the divorce papers, his wife cheated on him, and I love Meredith
maybe she will get together with George
oh next week with be good too

Thursday, October 20, 2005

marcie is stealing lulu's clothes

look how sneaky she is
"fat cat in a little coat"
madame lulu and her gigalo
aren't they cute
he's eyeing you luanne

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

busy busy

so this week was my first week on clinical and I already want to steal all the babies.
I got to witness a circumcision this morning, and a resident did it, and was not very good
I am going to be sure to specify that I want the MD to do it, or my midwife.
So the poor little boy was crying and all red faced, and the whole procedure took long, but shouldn't have. There wasn't much blood, but it seemed like a lot of pain
and the poor little boy's privates were soooo tiny
I have to work tonight, and I don't want to
I better be on a good floor, like 4-7
oh please of please
oh by the way I got a 96 on my first L&D test.
If anyone wants to send monetary gifts you can, i'll let you.

Friday, October 14, 2005


here is marcie getting into becky's package

Thursday, October 13, 2005

its almost halloween

Here are pics of my babies halloween costumes


I just found out today that my all time favorite patient that I took care of this summer has passed. I'm sad, and Midge I'm so sorry. Midge said it was peacful, i'm glad for this, but im sure its not easy.

L & D

now i am studying labor and delivery
its exciting and scary all at the same time
i have made a list of why i want to have a c-section
1) your cervix gets stretched to at least 10 cm
2) your vagina gets stretched even bigger, and never quite returns to normal
3) you may have an episiotomy - which is a surgical incision in the perineum, but it can then tear and even lacerate into the sphincter of your rectum, which then can lead to life long problems with not being able to control pooping
4) after the birth, your vagina is checked all the time for hematoma, imagine having a blood filled bruisey sack in your labia
5) and finally you get hemorrhoids

i dunno about the vaginal birth, i think ill need a midwife and an epidural

on another note me and jr's house buying has come to a hault b/c we need at least $6000 saved, i dunno about anyone else, but ive never ever ever had that much saved, so we are gonna rent for awhile, get married and hope that all our friends give us lots of money

nothing else is new, other than i have been trying to go to the gym a lot, and cath keeps canceling on me, she has not been being a good workout partner.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

life is too busy now becky

well im at work updating my blog, cause i get harrassed about it
some patient probbaly needs their ass wiped or a tissue or is having chest pain right now
but i have to update this
i am sick, sick sick sick
it sucks
gd colds, i hate em
my head is killing me
but i did get a 91 on my final, and an A on my pysch rotation
heather is pissed she failed her med/surg test
she said it was all cardiac stuff, so im not too worried about it
i need to do my L & D stuff this weekend while jr works fri
then we are going to look at a house on friday
how exciting
jr says its a nice one
and he got a side job, im so proud of him
now he can save money for my ring, hehehhe
i can write this because he never reads it
anyways back to butt-wiping duty