Wednesday, November 30, 2005

waiting and more waiting

so I'm waiting with dad for hours, mom is still in surgery since 11am
and luckily the waiting room has a computer, so I can update
i am seeing an add for the Jazzy Powerchair and getting ideas for x-mas presents
i'm sure cath will need it for the next 6-8 weeks
good thing becky is coming this weekend
she will need to do peri care on mom, since I will be at work
I have 4 more days of school, then its over thank-god
way to drag out the semester
ok hopefully a little man in blue scrubs is coming

Monday, November 21, 2005

i just wrote a post and it got erased, erghhhhhh
anyways i added a item to my wish list
its a
wax comes with the wax and a warmer, like a potpouri kettle, and you plug it in and heat the wax
and some paper strips to take the wax off, but not muslin, they suck
i think they have it at sally's

i took my final today and the grades aren't posted yet
ok off to work

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

delivery gone bad..but with a good ending

so i was happy this morning because my patient was gonna deliver vaginally
they "broke her water" at 0730, and she started pushing, and pushing, and they decided to go to c-section..........the spinal went bad, the mom couldn't breath and they had to put her under, and intubate her
so they were in a rush to get that baby out of was successful and the babe was crying, which is a good sign....she was soo cute....i got to do baby care, and the mom was so cute and funny and nice
so it was a happy ending after all
but the vaginal labor part of it, didn't seem so bad, I think I can do it

Monday, November 14, 2005

nice weekend

so this weekend went well
jr came, and we went shopping and got x-mas presents
and i need to go back and get him another one
we also went out to mulligans two nights in a row
ughgh i was hurting
i got to go to aiden's 4th b-day party, and he was so cute, and not even shy anymore with caffey
i just took my third nursing test and got a 90
but it was a hard test
i better get an A on the final.
one more week of clinical yipee

Sunday, November 06, 2005

theme song

i want a theme song, what do ya think it should be?
i wish i had songs i could download and put on cd
becky do you know any good sites to get free music?

Friday, November 04, 2005


i went to kohls today with cath
and bought some presents
we spent a lot
so now i have a bunch more to get
im gonna go back when jr gets here next weekend
i wish we picked names instead
im poor