Tuesday, December 20, 2005

new orleans

i was looking on the website, because all my patients are sleeping
and mardi gras is the 28th of feb this coming year, correct?
well guess who is gonna be there
yup me and jr
i thought it was before that week
so we should have a good time, lots of drinking i'm sure
oh god i hope i survive
and i hope jr does too, moderation is key
ok a call bell is on later

Thursday, December 15, 2005

i'm back

so my week at jr's was very nice
we went out for his b-day
and had lots of fun
we were too drunk so em drove us home..thank god
then it was back home and back to work
i got lots of great things for my b-day
a book, a gift certificate
some cutie betty boop socks
and white long-sleeved shirts
and some more socks
and a nice smelling candle
all wonderful gifts
thank-you everyone for the gifts
and right when i got home cath had me doin all sorts of chores
i have gone to the gym two days in row
of it feels so good
i wish I had a partner to go with though
becky needs to move here asap, and cath needs to get better
i need to shed some poundage bad
i'm not happy with how I look, but i'm trying
i need to go to a chiropractor though..bad
nursing is killing my back
actually i hurt it showing cath how franklin shakes his but after he goes out in the cold
and i have decided that lucy and franklin are gonna start sitting on the kitchen table
maybe i'll put their bed up there
marcia is always up there, so they can too

at work

I'm at work, waiting to leave
and the weather does not look good
plus i wore bad shoes so i hope i don't fall when i go to my car
a bell is ringing

Sunday, December 04, 2005

new hair doo

here is my new hair