Monday, January 23, 2006


here is the fat skinny on my life lately.....................
first -I got an 98 on my nursing test today..the highest grade in the class
second- I have a new car, my old one sucked and kept breaking so I got a new-to-me ford focus her name is olive, and she is wonderful
third- i quit smoking since january 9th, and I'm doing very well, my NP will be so proud of me
fourth- I have been going to the gym lots and lifting hopefully I will be skinnier one day
fifth- my sweet dreamy bf came to visit this past weekend, and suprised me by coming thursday night, we had fun, and I miss him already
sixth- I'm very busy with school, and trying to work enough to pay bills, along with applying to the University of Buffalo to go on for my BS/MS in nursing
thats about it

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The night from Hell

Well last night was awful, Jr and I were gonna go out to a bar in Bolivar, and have a fun night out
we both took showers got ready, and I just cracked a beer to have before we left at around 7pm
we were playing pool, and I had won two games, and was doing very well. (I never win against JR)
Then all of a sudden, JR says something and runs up stairs, and hollers for me to come help him. He was playing with his new jack knife, which was extremely sharp, and he cut the tip of his thumb about 3/4 of the way off. He was bleeding profusely, and holding it under water. I got a good look at it and we wrapped it and headed to the ER. At about 11:30, they finally put 4 stitches in his thumb. When they injected his finger tip with Lidocaine, he felt woosy (like Irene) and almost passed out. This is common, usually in men. He said it hurt like hell.
Finally we were on our way home, no going out for us. On our way down we noticed my passenger side window would not roll down, we though it was frozen, we messed around with it a bit, and then left it. So on the way home we were just riding down State St, and boom, the window comes flying down into the door. It slipped off its track and just fell down. Meanwhile it is about 10 degrees out and we are freezing cold, with a window that wouldn't go up. I was too tired from being in the ER all night to care, we pulled over and put a blanket in the window. I have never wanted to be one of those people with a plastic sheet or garbage bag over their open window. We finally get home and wrap a huge tarp over the car. The wind was blowing really bad, and it was freezing, and in the process Jr's bandage falls off his thumb. It sucked. It was such a crappy night.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The new year

I haven't updated in awhile, and am getting harassed about it
so x-mas was wonderful, soo many presents and family fun
playing games everynight was fun, a little overwhelming but fun
I'm the kind of person that needs alone time, I think everyone does
then we had x-mas again at Jr's house, more presents
this x-mas was huge!
new years me and Jr made dinner at home, then went to a bar for midnight
it was a little townie bar, but we had fun
I got to spend another new years with Jr, that's all I wanted
this week has been eventful, I am staying at Jr's for the week, I start school Monday the 9th
I had an interview at my future place of employment, it went well, they will most likely be able to offer me a position if all my references checkout.
Also the most disturbing news is my little mama had another seizure, I don't know what is wrong with her
she had her first seizure 2 years ago, and none that we know of since
I hope Cathy is not poisoning her, hehe j/k
but there are a list of possible reasons it could happen, and it could just be idiopathic, who knows
the last time she had a seizure she spent the night on the critical care unit at Angel, and it cost me a fortune
and the vet said there was nothing wrong with her, and that seizures are common in little dogs
I hope she doesn't have anymore, oh my poor mama.
I'm worried about her