Thursday, March 30, 2006

oh work is boring

I'm at work and the pats are all sleeping
well I have actually told the charge nurse twice to get a pain pill for this woman, and they seem to think she doesn't need it because it has been about 40 min and no pain pill has been given
poor lady she could be writhing in there
cath and I did a cardio kickboxing class on wed, it was great, a real good workout. we did lots of cardio along with the punches and kicks, Cath was sooo good at it, I should have taken pics. I don't think she could beat up franklin if she tried. I do give her lots of credit though because the avg age was 16, and the girls were size zero or smaller. She did have to sneak out half way through because she couldn't stand it anymore
gotta go pts calling

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

now you can get excited

well I received good news today
OGH called and offered me a position in the Intensive Care Unit
and I accepted. I can't wait, I am so excited.
Everything is coming together, we have our apt and I have my job, and can still go on vacation in August.
Now I just need to get pregnant and my life would be perfect.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

moving soon

I packed up my computer tonight, boy was it dusty
it will get more use in my apt because one, mom's computer won't be there and two, i will need it for my online courses
I will start my online courses in the fall probably, and I only need 3 courses to recieve my BS in nursing, and then I go on to get my masters and that will take under 2 years. It will be a lot of paper writing and discussion, but I wil lget it done. Looks like Becky will be given me $500 sooner than I thought. Never underestimate me Beck.
I need boxes, and I'm hoping Jr can get his strong male friends to help us move.
Most importantly I hope I get the job at OGH, they said they will should know by tomorrow, I am gonna call them Tues if they don't call tomorrow. The suspense is killing me.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

You're all invited

Well Lucy is very disapointed in all of you.
It is her 7th b-day party and no one has shown up or sent her any gifts
you are all on her shit list

Saturday, March 11, 2006

dogs from hell

first off Lucy did fine with her surgery.. 6 incisors pulled, and a huge bill later, the baby is home and has glorious breath
becky you have to make a special trip just to smell it
next thing..I go to work friday night, and am very busy all night long. I come home and pull in to the driveway and the barking begins
ughghghg...instant headache
then this morning round 6am cath gets up and wakes the beasts
so the barking begins, non-stop incessant high pitched ear piercing thrills
i could not live with it, i would cut the vocal cords myself
oh also #4 gets my little angels going, who never bark and basically sleep all day
their one and only barking session is when the mail man comes..thats it

so i decide to tire them out and take them all for a walk, #4 is the worst walker, she is like a mini buster, pulling as hard as she can, and cutting you off and attacking patty and franklin, and running in every mud puddle
lucy had the best seat, in the doggy carrier, next to me

thank god I'm working tonight and don't have to deal with them.

and conviently cath is at bingo all day and dad is golfing.. those jerks

Thursday, March 09, 2006

One more pic

Oops I posted some of the same are two more

here were leopards doing it

here is a pic of the naked cowboy

More Pics

This is the couple from Denmark we met. Nice people.

Here is Jr showing his Mardi Gras spirit.

Again Jr showing his Mardi Gras spirit.

Here is what happened when I turned my head and Jr was showing his spirit again.

This was taking on the Riverwalk.

This was at a bar on Bourbon St. the first night we got there.

Lucy's death breath

SO last night Cathy wanted to see Lucy's bottom teeth. I had noticed that she was missing two the other day. So I pull down her bottom lip for Cath, and We see that her gums are all slimey and blueish-green. I was horrified and decided she needed to go to the vet asap. So today she went to the vet and I found out that she needs dental work asap. Which cost around $350, the best part was that the blueish green gum line was actually a piece of rawhide or something and I think fuzz from that awful blue blanket on the couch. Few I thought her gums were gangrene. So tomorrow LuLu goes under and gets her teeth clean

NO more death least for amonth

Pics from New Orleans

This was a couple we met on Mardi Gras, they were from Texas, we drank with them for awhile, they were fun.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Orleans

We just got back yesterday from New Orleans. We had lots of fun
the first night we went to some parades, and saw willy nelson, and got a ton of beads. We are going to have a party when we get our new apt, a bead party. We spent a ton of money on drinks there too. Monday we went on a bugey tour and walked down bourben st, and saw more parades. Bourben street is the dirtiest st I have ever been on. There were about 10 strip clubs on the st, and bars everywhere. By the fat tuesday it was full of beads, beer puke, condoms, and all other kinds of things...gross
We had fun though, we met some people, locals and others, a couple from denmark even.
After Mardi Gras the city was dead, so we did all of our site seeing then. We walked a ton, and went to the zoo and shops. we got some gifts for people
becky you'll have to wait till I see you.
Now I have to get ready to go back to school, blah
I'll write more later