Sunday, March 26, 2006

moving soon

I packed up my computer tonight, boy was it dusty
it will get more use in my apt because one, mom's computer won't be there and two, i will need it for my online courses
I will start my online courses in the fall probably, and I only need 3 courses to recieve my BS in nursing, and then I go on to get my masters and that will take under 2 years. It will be a lot of paper writing and discussion, but I wil lget it done. Looks like Becky will be given me $500 sooner than I thought. Never underestimate me Beck.
I need boxes, and I'm hoping Jr can get his strong male friends to help us move.
Most importantly I hope I get the job at OGH, they said they will should know by tomorrow, I am gonna call them Tues if they don't call tomorrow. The suspense is killing me.


Blogger rb said...

what was the bet again?

9:57 AM  

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