Monday, June 26, 2006


So I am on my third week of work
its ok, still classroom stuff, next week we get to work with our preceptor
I got my I-POD shuffle today how exciting, I love that new Nelly Furtado song........So good
Things are good here, we had the fiesta this past weekend, it was fun, I crashed by 11pm, but the next day I was fine and had no hangover.
This weekend we are goin to go camping with cath and magoo
I need to study some more for my boards
my friend Carrie that works with me took them today. The best part about OGH (the hospital) is they have a pharmacy for OTC drugs for employees, and I got Emily some claritin today for $1.41, so much cheaper than Eckerds. And they have most OTC drugs.
ok time to study before bed

Saturday, June 17, 2006

so today it was sooo hot here
Jr and I went to see his buddy TJ and hung out for awhile there, and then hung out at our neighbors and swam in there pool
they are really fun and nice
and then just about 30 min ago we found out that our neighbors wife, who has been sick in the hospital died was sad and emotional
I felt bad.she was suffering and had cancer and was near death anyway....but its always sad


well I found out good news, there is a program in Cattaraugus county that will pay for your boards for nursing, so I filled out the application and I am meeting with the lady on Monday and I am going to get reimbursed the $370 I spent to take my boards.

I was also feeling sad today because our landlord is having a party today and I heard her daughter saying hi to her grandmother and It mad me think of Nanny and how much I miss having her around, I know its been years but I still miss her terribly.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well its almost the end of my first week of work
so far its been ok, its still orientation, and all through next week
we are just learning the computer charting and Iv stuff and other boring stuff
but we are getting paid for it
there is a girl who I have become friends with, she will also work in the ICU 7p-7a with me.
The other people tend to bitch a ton, and some of them I am surprised made it through nursing school
all they do is bitch about everything, god...
but I had WW last night, and only lost 0.8lbs, but that's ok because I just got my period and was constipated when I got weighed.
So next week will be better.
I need to clean the apt, but Jr went to do a side job tonight, which is good he will make some extra cash...
oh and I also found out I will not be getting any tuition reimbursement because I didn't work last summer, so my hire date was technically 8/05 and you have to be employed a year
ughgh I'm pissed.....and broke

Saturday, June 10, 2006

ughgh i just wrote this long entry and it got erased.damn it
anyways here is the jist, I take my boards the 7th of july so I have to study
and today we are goin to a clam bake
I am waiting for JR to get home from his sidejob..taking forever......
gotta study

Thursday, June 08, 2006

yesterday after WW (by the way I lost 2.2 lbs) whoohoo I am a loser, we went for a ride on Jr's motorcycle. At first I was super scared, because there is no sissy bar to hold me on. So I had death grip on Jr's stomach, and he likes to drive fast. I was scared going on turns because you are supposed to lean into them. But it was fun. I am studying to take my permit so I can ride.
Also the hot water tank is being replaced today, we talked to my landlord a bit ago, and reminded her last night because our gas bill is $104. Damn thats high. So they are replacing it today..yipeee.
I have been studying for my boards a little bit each day, with my computer disc cath got me.
At the WW meeting I was sad because I didn't have my partner in crime. The teacher is good, but kind of lame. I need to be good this week. I want my 5lb bookmark.
This weekend Jr has a side job, which is good cause we need some extra money.
Oh and I emailed the lady about my free I-POD shuffle, for signing up for Directv, she said 2-3 weeks.
I am waiting to cancel my Bank of America accounts, but some damn people haven't cashed my checks yet. After they are all cashed I will have about 57 cents in the account. Oh I hope they send me a check for that. HAHA

Monday, June 05, 2006


well saturday we went to the football game, it was fun, they won, but it was cold and rainy
I was starting to have a sore throat anyway and the whole night made it worse.
SO now i am sick, with a cold or something
yesterday I mostly slept and vegged out, because I was sick and hungover
we went to the party afterwards and stayed up drinking very late
Em got lots of pics, I forgot my camera of course.
It was fun though....
Today I get to baby sit Jordyn for a few hours.. much fun.

Friday, June 02, 2006

all set

so my internet is on and I can update my blog
today we are going to look at a reception hall in town for the wedding
the tentative date is May 26th, 2007
things have been good here
super hot, but luckily our neighbors/lanlord have a pool, and they invite us over, and its heated
and they have a hot tub.
I can't wait to start work, i'm bored. June 12th I start..thank god, because money is tight.

ok off for wedding stuff