Monday, July 31, 2006

we watched Narnia last night, it was a kids movie but very good. I loved all the talking little animals. I have today and tomorrow off..whohoooooooo, and it is hot hot hot today. I need to go to Wally world and get some stuff. Then I am going to take a long walk with the hounds, and then watch another movie, the history of violence. Jr watched it already when I was at work, he said it was good. We also need to weed wack our backyard, its getting long. I should probably pick up the dog poop, Lucy likes to go right in my faux garden, that bitch. I am getting more and more excited for OBX as the days go on.
Maybe I'll take a dip in the pool next door. I'm sure they will be out there after work.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

lazy days

I have off today and slept until 11, how nice, well I really woke up at 8 and kept taking mini naps, god I used to be able to sleep straight until 12 or longer, whats happening to me
I think I'm ovulating, ouch it hurts, better be careful, or Ill need a wedding dress with a bump in it
not doing much today, I need to go to WW
then we are going to yvonnes for dinner, and maybe swimming cause its hot
god I wish my printer worked, my stupid computer doesn't have microsoft word

Monday, July 24, 2006

loose ends

i feel like I have accomplished lots tonight
besides getting my lazy butt for a walk
I wrote a letter to Bank of america to cancel my accounts
and I wrote a letter to the village of portville asking them If i can get married in the park
and I filled out my cancelation form for my Perkins loan. whoohooo
I just need to get all these loans padi for and I will be set.
So this past weekend we went home to syracuse, it was nice except it rained saturday. And I really was hoping Pete and Shannon were going to have a pool party friday night, but they didn't adn we hung out with Lishi instead. Which was fun. And Lishi got my a Tiffany's bracelet for my graduation present. I was shocked, it is the one I have always wanted. How sweet she is.
I realized that my parents need to move down here asap, so I can go see them whenever I want.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


In case you didn't know about last month I received a ticket for rolling threw a stop sign in Portville, but with my nice smile and perserverence I got it reduced to a loud muffler, whoo hooo
Things have been good here otherwise. Jr is busy finishing up his side job, so we can have some extra money, well actually so we can pay for outerbanks, my ticket, groceries, and patio furniture. The more money we make the more bills we have.
The Italian fest is this weekend, I have never been, but heard it is supposed to be good, we shall see. Becky Em, and Ryan are all staying over sat night.....yipee sleep over party, no puking or peeing the bed ( well couch actually) Becky.
Oh and more good news I lost 1lb at WW this week.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sarah Brown RN

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am officially an RN. Thank god.

Monday, July 03, 2006

4 more days

there are 4 more days until I take my boards, I am a tad nervous, but also very confident
All my friends that I know of passed so far. If I keep studying, I am sure to pass, or my life is over, and I hope burger king is hiring.
This weekend we went to visit cath and magoo at camp. We had a good time. Friday we just had a small fire and hung out. Saturday we went to the beach. I worked on my tan, and went swimming in the cool cool water, it really was nice after you got in and under. Then Emily and Ryan came and we went to dinner at the casino. Lots of food. And we gambled some. I am thinking that Friday I might have to go to Bingo, its been forever.
At work I am still in class, there are three new grads, Carrie, Paul and I. We have classes on Monday and Thursdays. It is interesting because I am learning, well going over things that are pertinent to being a critical care nurse.
I do also feel as if I am a visitor here at times, just because my only friend outside of JR is Carrie, and she lives far away and has two kids and I probably will never see her outside of work, I need to make some new friends.