Monday, July 03, 2006

4 more days

there are 4 more days until I take my boards, I am a tad nervous, but also very confident
All my friends that I know of passed so far. If I keep studying, I am sure to pass, or my life is over, and I hope burger king is hiring.
This weekend we went to visit cath and magoo at camp. We had a good time. Friday we just had a small fire and hung out. Saturday we went to the beach. I worked on my tan, and went swimming in the cool cool water, it really was nice after you got in and under. Then Emily and Ryan came and we went to dinner at the casino. Lots of food. And we gambled some. I am thinking that Friday I might have to go to Bingo, its been forever.
At work I am still in class, there are three new grads, Carrie, Paul and I. We have classes on Monday and Thursdays. It is interesting because I am learning, well going over things that are pertinent to being a critical care nurse.
I do also feel as if I am a visitor here at times, just because my only friend outside of JR is Carrie, and she lives far away and has two kids and I probably will never see her outside of work, I need to make some new friends.


Blogger rb said...

good luck on your boards today. i am sure you will do very well. you are the smartest person in your class...

6:26 AM  

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