Wednesday, August 30, 2006

here cath

well i started working nights monday night, after our much enjoyed, too short, too long of a drive, vacation
the first night was busy so it went fast, last night however dragged, at about 0400 I was so tired, thinking to myself, god I hate nights, and I want my bed
hopefully it will only be a few months
Jr said he already doesn't like it, I get home from work after he has left already and then I wake up when he gets home, and leave around 1845. I write in military time its much easier, plus we have to at work. I hate waking people up in the middle of the night though, vented patients I don't feel bad, cause they are pretty much asleep all day. I would strangle someone if they kept waking me up all night (JR with his snoring) hehe, no wonder people get ICU psychosis.
I need to get the hounds there shots,oops
and I have my motorcycle road test fri @ 1500, but I think I'm going to postpone it, I have only been on the bike twice. Life has just been so busy. I need to start doing some wedding planning shit too, ughghghgh. Vegas is looking good right now.

Any one want to be my wedding planner?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I had a busy day at work today, but I love it
The other new RN that got hired the same time as me, we later actually, anyways he is now moving to the ER, apparently he was going to go somewhere else to work in the ER, because he needs more excitment than the ICU, so our manager gave him a position in the ER. Well this didn't seem fair to me because I applied for the ER position as well, so my assistant manager mentioned to me today that to be fair they have to offer me a position in the ER as well, but he really wanted to me stay and feels like the guy who is going there is making a mistake, seeing as he is lacking the nursing experience. I told my assistant manager I wil lstay in the ICU, because I do like it there, and want the experience, but I want to go on days. So the manager said thats fine, and I wil lgo on days in a few months, just so I can help the night staff off. So this is my last week on days and then after vacation I start nights. Jr is very happy that I will be on days, and I guess I am to, because I can't mess up my sleep schedule too much.

God I can't wait for vacation, its going to be soo much fun. whoo hoooo

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm sick

I had to call in sick today.....yesterday we went to em and ryans for a bbq. I started to feel sick then, my stomach was rumbling. Then when we got home the diarrhea started.ughgh hell. Then I started to feel really cold. I had three blankets on pants socks and two shirts, and I was freezing and shaking. So i took my temp, it was 99.8, normally i'm low so i new I was sick. Then i rested and all of a sudden I got so hot and tad to take some of the blankets and clothes off, my temp then was 102.6. TOO high. It was hell I was achey all over, whihc I still am today, and having diarrhea and just felt crappy and couldn't sleep. And since I called in I won't get paid, cause I'm new, ughgh. But I have a Dr's appt at 2:45 thank god.