Sunday, September 10, 2006

this weekend was fun
and nice to have off, work has been tiring, well I think its just being on nights
I worked wed, and thur nights, then slept fri till 3, then had a physical with my new DR. Then JR and I went out to Sean Patricks, it was boring there, nothing going on, so We walked to Grannies, didn't even make it inside, the parking lot was empty, so then we went down to The Plant, right near out house, and we walked all these places, so we got some exercise in. And stayed there for a bit. Then saturday I slept in late, because I need to stay somewhat on my sleeping schedule or I'm screwed, But then Jr had a softball game, The Pulaski Club vs. St Stephens club. The pulaski club won, damn those pollish. Then we went to the Plant because our neighbors were there and there was a band playing, the singer is pretty good. Jr was all excited cause football started today, yipee, how many months does this last? I might as well sign up for work every sunday. I took the hounds for a walk, they loved it, Lucy loves pooping in other people's yards or the sidewalk.

Friday, September 01, 2006

poor houndie pants

I took my hounds to get their shots yesterday, and they did good, I premedicated Lucy with some Benadryl and the Dr gave her an antihistamine shot, but when we got home poor Franklin was puffy and his belly was red. Good thing the vet also gave me some Benadryl capsules so I gave him one. He seemed so out of it from the shot. But then this morning at 0600 i heard him give a little bark about every 30 secs. Thats his warning bark. So I went downstairs, and either him or Lucy got sick three times on the couch, poor babes. The puffiness went away but I think the Benadryl upset their tummies. Also poor Franklin has little cut on his head. I think its from our walk yesterday, when he ran to bark after a huskie and I yanked his leash, and he did a back flip with a crash landing. I feel bad.