Friday, October 20, 2006

last night

its my last night then I have the weekend off, whoohoo I am going to get drunk
I haven't gone out in so long.
i did spinning on tues, and my butt is still sore, but oh it felt so good
then I swam and probably scared all the old people with my tattoos
LA diabla gave me three pts again tonight, but then she got an admission, so now she has three, hahaha stupid bitch
god I can't wait for days
well here is some news, I brought my Ivy plant in for winter and Jr was going to hang it up on the ceiling, but then i started noticing a catipillar on my couch, and then two more on the rug, the next day two more, baby ones, I call them worms. So that damn plant went outside, I don't care if it dies those worms are nasty. And they only come out when I'm home, Jr never sees them, well he has seen one. And I'm suprised the hounds haven't even noticed they are around. They never did notice the colonies of ants and mice eating there food at my palace in Boston though.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

long weekend

well its my final night of my three day work weekend, and I am exhausted
jr slept in sat day because he was boozing it up, (must be nice) and i didn't get any sleep, cause his phone rang twice, and he tosses, and turns. Then i was off to work where I had two pt's and got an admission, la diabla (the one red head at work that a I hate) gave me the third pt, ughgh she is annoying. Well then I slept sunday day until 5:30, and Jr watched football all day (must be nice). i am sleeping hardcore tomorrow, well actually its 0140 monday, so it will be today. And then I told Jr we are going to the YMCA and he can't say no, and he is doing abs. He tries to get out of them all the time, he isn't a good work out partner like my old one. I have been going in the morning and its mainly all q-tips, and there is this one couple who is soo cute, they walk around the track, then break, then walk another lap, then break, then they stand back to back and pass a weighted ball around eachother...I love them. I think they will be my new workout partners. And they WILL do abs, they will have flabby six-packs in no time.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well I'm at work and its a little slow right now, so I am updating
Well last weekend, we went to syracuse, it was fun, and my friends are duds so I didn't see any of them, but seeing family was nice, as usual dad sits in the TV room, doing what he does best, and becky sat at her computer almost the whole time, we did go to her friends house to watch the UFC fight, that was fun, and shannon made a good dip. Jr did go golfing with dad, I'm sure he loved that. Then I was back to work, with the woman that drives me crazy, oh I just want to punch her in the face. I don't want to say too much in case she reads this but I highly highly doubt it.
I worked all weekend, so I will have next weekend off yipee. I'm not sure what we are doing, but I will be going to the gym starting soon, Ever since I started working nights all I do is work and then sleep, so I need to get my lazy ass up and make myself workout, too bad I don't have a partner to race with on the bikes...........sad