Friday, November 24, 2006


well we went to Syracuse for Thanksgiving, JR was an angel and drove the whole way there and back, because I had to sleep. It was fun, lots of good food. The dogs were a bit much, I'm used to quiet little hounds that sleep all day. We went out wed night and we had fun, we laughed all night, and Cath shared her soap with everyone, how nice of her. We took pics, and I realized that I need to go to the gym more, and be serious about what I eat, I can't have my wedding pics looking so awful. We had to leave early because I had to work fri night, thats where I am typing from now, my pt's are sleeping, thank god. I need to get some presents for x-mas, and b-day presents, maybe I can go to Buffalo shopping one of these days, I truely hate shopping though, to much stress. OK back to work

Monday, November 06, 2006

the killers

i downloaded the rest of the new ablum to listen to while I RUN/WALK at the YMCA. I have been doing so good, We went saturday, I walked my routine sunday, and then went to the Y this morning when JR went to work. I better be losing some weight.
I want to see the new pics of the couch Becky, get on it with that new camera.
I'm trying to think of stuff I want for my b-day and X-mas, hmmm i do need new sneaks for the YMCA, and maybe some cute new workout cloths
I really don't do much else working nights, I sleep/eat/go to the Y/work, thats about it
god i hate nights, can't wait until days
Because like last night I went to bed with JR, after taking a nap on the couch during football, then was basically awake lying in bed from 4am-6am, then got up and went to the Y, now I have to take a nap because Iwork tonight, and its going to take me forever to get to sleep, and I think Jr is going to Ryans to help do some MORE work or something, its neverending, but so I won't see him until tomorrow when he gets home from work, then I just have to go to work, so I only see him for like 30 min. Its rough on our love life.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Nothing new in smallville really. I worked the last three nights, included tonight
nothing new and exciting here. Its snowing here, yipee. not really I hate the cold.
I can't wait to go home and watch my shows and then sleep. I slept until 5:45 today because JR came home and took a nap
The hounds hate the weather, its too cold
I need to get JR to the YMCA this weekend
And I'm thinking BINGO this weekend.