Thursday, December 28, 2006


well x-mas was great got to see all the family, and we got tons of presents
we definitely need a bigger apt now
Jr received a new camera, so I hope to post some new pics, hopefully I can be more photogenic
I am working New years day so no coming to syracuse, but the third weekend in Jan I should be visiting, funfun and the invitation party will occur
tonight is my last night at work, then I go to days Yipee
finally I can get normal sleep
this weekend we are going out friday with everyone, I think Alice is in town
ok well I better get back to work

Friday, December 22, 2006

Sleep or lack there of

Well this week has messed up my sleep schedule big time, But starting Jan 1st I will be on days and get to sleep normally like the rest of the world. I tried to get Jan 1st off, so I could come to Syracuse, but I am unable to, so I have to stay here. That's alright.
I finished all my shopping yesterday and I have all the presents wrapped and ready to go. For picking names I sure have a ton of presents. We have two bags full, plus three big boxes, and other stuff, not to mention there is already stuff at Emily and Ryan's. I hope they have a Christmas tree. I have to work Sunday night so afterwork I will be heading up to wake everyone up bright and early, I know I'll be the only one on the couch opening my stocking, and Jr will probably be making a bloody Mary already, he is already talking about it. Also it is Franklin B-day tomorrow, he will be three, my little man is getting so old, and he has tons of white hairs already, jeesh. Just like his Auntie Em. Except he lets me pick them out.
OK I have been up since oh about 4am, I need to go grocery shopping and get my haircut today, and its only 7:18am, I wish things opened earlier. Or I wish we had a Wegmans.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday

It's my 27th b-day today, and I have to work
bummer, but this weekend I can celebrate, I have date night Friday, and making cookies saturday, and sunday x-mas at the Hunts
I will be busy. I need to get some wedding stuff prepared, like address's etc....
I got lots of things for my b-day like:
a vacuum, a sweet grass candle, gift certificates for date night, a watch, slippers, money, andi think thats all
I love all of my gifts
thanks everyone
ok back to work