Monday, July 16, 2007

we have a heart beat

today I had a dr's appointment, and we listened to the lil' babes heartbeat, its soo fast, which is a good thing, i bet franklin's is as fast
today I drove to Buffalo to get a dress for the Bree's wedding, I got it in the maternity section, which I wasn't to impressed with, I think I am going to have to buy those jeans with the elastic waist bands soon, my jeans feel tight
And I haven't gained any weight according to my Dr, which is a good thing, but my belly feels like its getting bigger, I can't hold it in anymore, it feels good to just let loose.
I also got these cute shoes for the wedding, the are mid heels, black patent leather quilted peep-toes, soo cute.
Two weeks till we make the trip to NYC, and Aimee is going to meet up with us in the city, so exciting I haven't seen her in years.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

latest news

We are in our new apartment, that was a headache, I was so tired after moving, I just can't move things well, like when I lived in Boston, I must be getting old
I guess being pregnant doesn't help too much, It makes me utterly exhausted
I had my first sonogram on Monday and I have a lovely pic.
It still looks alien like. My next sonogram will be at 20 weeks and will look more like a little babe.