Thursday, November 29, 2007

New hair cut

Here are pics of my new haircut, I got about 2 inches off, and it more stylish, I love it, it feels lighter and healthier.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

28 Weeks

Its time for another picture, 28 weeks now, only 12 left to go
these past few days have been full of activities, Thanksgiving was jam packed at Yvonne's house, lots of people and lots of dogs. My hounds did not see their cousins this season, too much excitement for Lucy and her healing leg. Then Friday was the big surprise party, I worked all day while everyone else went shopping and got ready for the party. It was fun, I think Ryan enjoyed himself. I even beat Jr at pool. Cath and I played darts for 1 1/2, and no one won, we finally gave up, I only needed a double bull, but I had lost interest. Then Saturday we all had lunch, and had a relaxing night of watching movies. "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" is a must see.
Today my parents left early to beat the traffic, and the rest of the day entails football, and probably a nap.
Here is the latest pic................

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tis the season

Its almost time for our guests to come. The Brown's will be sleeping at our place, we have it all set up. Also I got all the ingredients to make our thanksgiving dish. Its going to be a busy holiday, and then it will be x-mas in no time, and then pretty soon my little mama will be here.
My other little one is doing much better, you would think Lucy never even had surgery the way she is using her casted leg, and going up stairs, which I told her not to. I can't wait to take the cast off Friday. This weekend is open day for hunting. I think Jr is sooo excited like a little kid. I don't understand the excitement of sitting in the cold for hours, but boys with be boys. Good thing I'll have at least one girl around the house.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lucy's surgery

Lucy had her surgery on friday. She had a Luxating patella, which means her knee cap wasn't in the right place, as many of you had noticed with her limping. Well it had gotten worse over the past month and she needed surgery. We had to go up to Buffalo to a board certified orthopedic surgeon for the surgery. She did well, we brought her home saturday. Its so nice to have my baby back, she did cry when we got there, and has been whimpering on and off since. The surgeon said it was difficult with her size, and that she needs to lose some weight, which hopefully will be possible now, because she will be able to go on walks, most likely we will wait until spring to test that one out. She has a big bulgy bandage on that has to stay on for a week, and can't jump or run or play rough with other dogs for 6 weeks, which won't be hard for her. She mostly just sits and sleeps in her bed. I was getting worried though because she hadn't peed in almost 24 hours this Am and wouldn't drink any water. So I gave her some milk, which she drank right up, then took her outside (and I have to wrap her bandage in a glove so It won't get wet, or else thats really bad), and she finally peed, thank god, her little kidneys are working. She doesn't have much of an appetite, and she looks at us like "what did you do to me" but overall she is doing well. here are some pics of this bandage, which she hates.