Monday, February 25, 2008

New Baby (6 days old)

We finally have our baby! She is beautiful. She was born like everyone thought on her Auntie B's birthday February 19th, 2008, at 0252 on the AM, 7lbs 13.5oz, 19 inches long. It was an intense labor, 20hrs, but its true what they say, you forget about it once you see your little one. She got to come home from the hospital Wednesday evening. She was a little jaundiced, but with our sunbathing and frequent feedings she was able to stay out of the hospital. We have had some struggles since we got home, breastfeeding is killer on the nipples, no sleep, no pooping for 3 days (Teagan I mean). Luckily we had the help of her very special Grammy, who even offered to breastfeed her one day when I just couldn't do it. Now everyone is gone and its just the three of us, we are trying to get into a routine, I heard it takes awhile. She is precious though.
Here are some pics of the first few days.

Her eyes are rarely open.

Proud daddy.

Sleepy little mama.

Monday, February 18, 2008

we're off

We are off to the hospital, we leave a family of two, and will come back one of three. Wish us luck!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not yet

Well today is my official due date, and so far no baby. I was hoping she would be here by now, or at least come today. I though how appropriate if she came on the due date since she was conceived exactly when I predicted. I am trying as hard as I can. My midwife says evening primrose oil 3 x's a day helps ripen the cervix, and walking and sex. No such luck yet. Jr's happy though, haha. Actually he is so nervous, its adorable. I am the calm one. Cath comes today, which is good, because we are going to the YMCA to walk and swim, and we are going to get our eyebrows waxed, and I might get a pedicure. Maybe then if my toes look nice the baby will come.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

one last phat photo

Here is one last photo, because Cathy loves to see them!
I am 38 1/2 weeks here, and fatter than ever. I can't wait to see how big this butterball is inside me. I am guessing 8lbs 3oz, and apparently she is very long too because her head is engaged in my pelvis and she still manages to kick her big feet up under my ribs, and I have a long torso.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Waiting game

Well the due date is less than 2 weeks away now, and all I get to do is wait. But I figured out that no matter if I work or just lay around all day, my back still kills me and the cramps are still there also. Trying to get out of bed still sucks. I am dying for the day I can bend over and touch my toes with out getting kicked in the diaphragm. Jr is in definite nesting mode, he went through probably 6-7 totes that he has had filled since high school/college, with junk, and throwing stuff away, he is learning. And today he is going through junk drawers. We also cleaned/vacuumed and dusted the bedroom, the bathroom, and the nursery recently. Its great! I packed my back and the babies bag for the hospital, and Jr's is ready too. I think we are all set. I just hope I don't go late, I keep thinking every little twinge is something real, but it never is. They say you'll know when its happening. I should walk around the block today. Em and Ryan are having a girl as well, I wonder if they will look alike. Emily said she could see definite features of her and Ryan in the ultrasound, I couldn't pic out, any distinct ones with our little mama, I can't wait to see what she looks like.