Wednesday, April 09, 2008

never-ending battle

With babies comes fat, and rolly polly stomachs. I have recently joined weight-watchers (which I have done many times in the past) but I feel committed this time. I still have about 15 lbs to lose from the baby, and then I would like to lose another 50 or more to look good. I know I just had a baby and it takes a long time to lose the weight, but I can't always have Teagan at my side to justify my obeseness. My first week on WW, I think I did pretty good. I started off good, writing things down, and counting, then we went to Syracuse for the weekend, and went out to dinner and drank, which was not good. But then I got a GI virus and had diarrhea and couldn't eat for a whole day so that counter acted the binging. I still managed to lose 3.2 lbs, which is great, because I want to average 2lbs a week. I feel much more self conscious now than before the baby though. Jr is forbidden to touch my stomach, which makes him want to do it even more, especially when I am sitting down, which is disgusting. I need to think positive, and destroy the mirrors in my house.


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