Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anniversary weekend

I know its been awhile but here is the latest
I am preggers again...due in October.and Its another girl......yippee!
We have settled right into Webster and love it very much.
We have made some improvements to the house....painted the shutters and door trim
added a flower bed around the big tree in front...and cleared out the debris of dead trees in back and made another big flower bed, lots of work that is. Once we get the mulch it will look soo good.
This weekend is our anniversary weekend. Teagan is at Grammy and Grampy's having a ball in Syracuse. She is spending some QT with her Auntie B too. I heard they were all exhausted after one day. I am missing her like crazy though. We are getting a ton of stuff done around the house though, and even having date nights.
Now we have to start prepping and painting the new babies room. I am thinking two different shades of purple.