Monday, July 24, 2006

loose ends

i feel like I have accomplished lots tonight
besides getting my lazy butt for a walk
I wrote a letter to Bank of america to cancel my accounts
and I wrote a letter to the village of portville asking them If i can get married in the park
and I filled out my cancelation form for my Perkins loan. whoohooo
I just need to get all these loans padi for and I will be set.
So this past weekend we went home to syracuse, it was nice except it rained saturday. And I really was hoping Pete and Shannon were going to have a pool party friday night, but they didn't adn we hung out with Lishi instead. Which was fun. And Lishi got my a Tiffany's bracelet for my graduation present. I was shocked, it is the one I have always wanted. How sweet she is.
I realized that my parents need to move down here asap, so I can go see them whenever I want.


Anonymous catbrown said...

wow you are good!!! you made us order chinese tonight. so good.
NO i think you guys should move here asap so we can visit you every day.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Elle Kay said...

I think the lot of you need to move to Boston where there are lots of hospitals for Sarah to work at and Emily won't get attacked by various backyard creatures.

11:18 AM  

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