Tuesday, March 13, 2007

new pic

im updating

well i know its been a very long time
but i have been busy with wedding stuff, and work is making me work 3 extra 12 hour shifts a month, which gives me little time to do anything, including see my JR and my hounds.
I am fed up with work, I can't wait to move to Rochacha, and JR has excepted it, and even says things like "when we move....." it makes me smile, now just getting Emily and Ryan there. Wedding plans are coming along nicely, we sent out invitations, they are so neat, my sister RB is so talented, she really should do it on the side, with her assembler's Cathy and Magoo, that was a fun weekend in Syracuse, patties day is coming up, and Jr and I have great outfits I'll show you pics next week. I took a walk yesterday and I'm going to after I finish this, it is sunny out a bit chilly but I warm up with the walks, Spring is almost here. We went to look at diamond earrings last night, love those diamonds. I'm thinking its my wedding present. yippee, Jr wants a new rifle for the wedding, so many guns so little time. He is going to have to wait because the cost over $500, so I told him it will be a wedding/b-day/x-mas present. Good think I'm working overtime.
Oh I need some ideas for the song that we walk into at the reception, I want it to be rock, energetic, and appropriate, any ideas?