Friday, January 25, 2008

only 5 more shifts left

I am getting excited because I only have 5 more shifts of work left, starting tonight, and ending wednesday, but then I am off until 3 months after the baby is born. I know I am going to be run down from feedings every 2 hours and no sleep, but the thought of not having to go to work and deal with any patients for that long is so nice.
I am a little nervous though because I have been having LOTS of cramping and Braxton-hicks contractions, which means my body is getting ready for labor. I feel like I am ready sometimes, but then I feel scared. People have described it as the worst pain of their lives. The pressure from the internal exam from my midwife last week was hell, and I am sure labor is much worse. The good thing though is I will finally have my baby. I have been waiting about 12 years for this, and now I am only weeks away. And my pregnancy has been farely easy compared to most. No swelling, no hemorrhoids, no pre-ecclampsia, no vomitting, I will have gained around 20-25 lbs, and I do have some "scratch" marks as Jr likes to call them, but they don't go up to my breasts like I feared. SO I am being optimistic and thinking I will have a farely straightforward labor. I just hope my labor coaches don't "freak" out or "pass" out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

36 weeks and counting down

Here are the latest pics, I can't believe I post these pics, there are horrible
I had my Syracuse baby shower this weekend, it was a lot of fun, I got to see my friends and catch up. We also received a ton more presents, and now we are ready for our arrival. I put in some pics of the new presents that we put together yesterday.

Here is the pack and play.

This is the Papasan chair, and below is the nice stroller, and we did figure out how to reopen it.

And here I am ready to pop.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

its getting closer

Well its getting closer to our new little arrival, I am getting so excited and worried that I am not prepared. First off Yvonne and Cath had an Olean babyshower for me 1/5/08, It was a great turn out and lots of fun. Baby Hunt got so many clothes, sooooo many clothes. Cath and I washed, well Jr washed them, Cath and I arranged them in the nursery according to size. Some of them are so small, I don't know if she will even get to wear them. I think she is going to have fat little legs, and cheeks. And we got a ton of diapers, and books, such a good idea.
I also recently told my boss that I can't work as much as I do, NO MORE 12 HOUR SHIFTS, yipee, I still do 8 hour shifts but only 4 a week, so thats not too bad. And my midwife said women who are on their feet a lot tend to go early, but since its my first I am doubting it. I have my last sonogram 1/22, and we will gestimate her delivery size, and see if she is in place, and also start the weekly internal exams, ughghg I hate those. Oh and a very nice women from Jr's work gave us a ton of clothes and shoes, and a crib set, and the cutest snowsuit, tragically because she lost her baby @ 8 months.
Here is a pic of the snowsuit, its bear suit if you can't tell.