Saturday, October 27, 2007

24 weeks

well its that time again for pics, my belly has grown lots, it seems like more so over the last week, and she is kicking like crazy, Jr can finally feel her kick.
This weekend Cathy is here, and we went to Bingo today, and came home empty handed, then we went swimming at the YMCA, Cathy loves our Y, it was very relaxing, and I got to try out my new bathing suit, my other one was getting ratty tatty. We also watched "Reign over me" with Adam Sandler, it was good, sad, but good. Its a very different role him.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

weekend in syracuse

well we just got back from our weekend in syracuse
I got a new purse, D&G, very nice
and we went shopping, I got some new prego clothes
and we went apple picking, and got some yummy apples
Jr got his coat he wanted so bad from LL BEAN
The baby has been kicking me like crazy
Pretty soon I will switch departments and be working in the ER
it will be a nice change, learning new things and not having to lift as much or give bed baths etc...